Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment

A strong parent-child relationship is the foundation for your child’s future success. However, sometimes being a parent can leave you frustrated and pulled in many directions with little time to focus on your child or your relationship.Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment is a research-based approach to teaching parents of 3 to 9 year-old children how to understand and meet their children’s emotional needs through one of children’s most essential communication tools: play.

In weekly workshops, we teach parents the same strategies that therapists use to help children express themselves and cope with problems. You will practice what you are learning by planning 30 minute special playtimes with your child(ren). We provide Flip video cameras to help you capture special moments and self-evaluate how well you are implementing the strategies.

The atmosphere is friendly, accepting and interactive, making it enjoyable and interesting.In Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment…You, the parent, will learn how to: improve communication with your child(ren), limit and discipline inappropriate behavior, recognize your child’s emotional needs, build your child’s self-confidence and creativity.

Your children will: discover their own strengths, reduce tensions, feelings and burdens, develop the ability for self-control and self-responsibility, feel capable, understood and accepted.

Workshop ReservationsChild-Parent Relationship Enrichment workshops are limited to six families. For more information or to reserve a spot, contact counseling program director Meg Pope, MSS, LCSW at 610-696-4900 ext. 127 or mpope@familyservice.usWe provide all of our counseling services on a sliding fee scale, and also accept several insurance plans.

Kids Come First

Is your family in the middle of divorce or separation? Or, is your divorce final—but your family continues to struggle with anger, sadness, new living arrangements, custody changes, or communication problems?

Kids Come First is a counseling track for parents who are striving to ‘co-parent’ or share parenting responsibilities after marriage has dissolved. Our goal is to help parents manage the impact of divorce/separation on children and seek children’s best interests despite difficult circumstances.

As a parent in Kids Come First, you will learn to: understand how divorce/separation affects children, develop a shared commitment to meeting your child(ren)’s needs, improve your communication as parents, break down “bad habits” or patterns of behavior that negatively impact your child(ren), help your child(ren) feel comfortable in new living situations and custody arrangements…and much more.

To speak to a counselor about Kids Come First or to set an appointment, contact Family Service at 610-696-4900. Children in the MiddleKids Come First continues the lessons learned in Children in the Middle, the seminar led by Family Service at the Chester County Family Court. Kids Come First is open to Children in the Middle participants and to any family in Chester County who is experiencing divorce/separation.