Familias Unidas

Working to improve family functioning and improved communication and family support among Hispanic youth ages 12-17.

Familias Unidas is a multi-level, family-based,  Hispanic-specific prevention program.

It is designed to prevent problem behaviors including:

  • Conduct Disorders
  • Illicit Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Cigarette Use
  • Sexual Risk Behaviors

The program works to improve family functioning, including improved communication and family support, among Hispanic youth ages 12-17. Familias Unidas is unique as a behavioral intervention program because it was designed specifically for Hispanic adolescents and their families.

The objective of Familias Unidas is to increase parents’ involvement with their children’s peers and school and to improve family bonding and cohesion.

It also focuses on building supportive relationships among Hispanic immigrant parents, to integrate them into the greater community and to reduce feelings of social isolation. The intervention is delivered through multi-parent groups.

Groups sessions aim to:

  • Develop effective parenting skills and family visits
  • Encourage participants to apply those skills while interacting with their adolescent
  • Include problem posing and participatory exercises
  • Increase parents’ understanding of their role in protecting their adolescent from harm and to facilitate parental investment.

The multi-parent groups are led by a trained facilitator.  Groups meet in weekly 2 hour sessions for the duration of the intervention, and each group has 10 to 12 parents, with at least 1 parent from each participating family.

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