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Committed to Promoting the Well Being of Families and Individuals in Chester County, Pennsylvania

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Welcome to Family Service of Chester County. We’re a nonprofit counseling and human service agency. We help people to overcome personal challenges and live healthier, happier lives.

If you are discouraged, overwhelmed, looking for new direction, or struggling with hardship, we welcome you to contact us.

We believe all people have a right to affordable, local, professional care. We do not require health insurance and many of our programs are free.


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Kids Come First

Divorce can be painful and confusing, and as parents, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to help our kids cope.

Kids Come First is a counseling track for divorced and separated parents. We help moms and dads to address their own pain and conflict, understand the impacts of divorce, and become better co-parents.Above all, we equip parents to help kids navigate changes and feel loved and secure, even in very difficult circumstances.


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