Volunteer Assisted Rides

Become a volunteer driver! Help provide local transportation to appointments monthly for someone in need.

Transportation is provided exclusively to patients of CVIM.

To learn more about how to become a patient, please visit https://www.cvim.org/become-a-patient/ or call 610.836.5990 Ext. 122 for English or 610.836.5990 Ext. 148 for Spanish.

Although Volunteer Assisted Rides will experience changes administratively, Family Service is still working closely with CVIM to manage the volunteer driver program, ensuring that CVIM’s patients will continue to receive much-needed access to transportation for medical appointments, a service that is greatly valued by all. We thank CVIM for this ongoing partnership, which has allowed us to reach the ultimate goal of providing quality care and resources to the community.

Contact https://www.cvim.net/

How does it work?

Drivers are encouraged to go online regularly, either via computer or cell phone, to self-select rides they can provide.

Rides can be round-trip, or if an interval of wait-time is involved, could be one-way with another Driver providing the ride on the other end.  Rides are curb-to-curb.

Will YOU drive for us?

  • Do you enjoy helping people?
  • Could you provide at least one ride a month to someone in need?
  • Would you consider becoming a volunteer driver?

To see requirements, apply, or download our handbook, click here.

To join Volunteer Assisted Rides contact Lauren Piotrowski at 610-696-4900 ext. 114 or e-mail lpiotrowski@familyservice.us for more details.

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