Year End Giving Campaign 2021

Would you consider becoming a giving partner with Family Service? Your gift will help keep families together. Better yet, consider a monthly gift of $25, $50, or $75. Our goal is to find 40 monthly giving partners. Monthly gifts help ensure program sustainability and more opportunities to access to life-giving programs.

Chester County is the most prosperous region in the commonwealth and despite this, plenty of people are struggling to make ends meet. Natalie’s life has been an uphill battle but thankfully her story is one of redemption and triumph.

Natalie was raised by her father and she lived in poverty from day one. As she grew older, she moved away with her partner but after experiencing years of domestic abuse, she packed up the kids and moved home. Natalie faced the ups and downs of shelter life and living on government assistance. Natalie and the four kids even lived in a car for a while. While she tried her best, her depression didn’t help the situation.

Eventually, Natalie read about our Exchange Club program at Family Service and asked for help. She knew she needed a “help up” not a “hand out” to get her and her family's life back on track.

Over the years of being involved with Family Service, she has received mentoring, counseling services, and financial assistance. Our dedicated case managers worked with Natalie month in and month out to support her. Family Service became her cornerstone. Natalie positively impacted her family by receiving tangible resources to help build a sturdy foundation.

While Natalie is still a program participant, she is on the other side. She is completely self-sufficient, working full time, paying all the bills on time, and even saving money for her children’s college fund. She took advantage of all the resources available and applied the knowledge to her ultimate benefit.

Natalie says “it’s always better to give than receive.” Recently she donated a $50 gift card to Family Service. She said “Now that I can, I want to help other moms who are in my position. I am proof things can get better.“

Thank you for your support of Family Service, whether it’s a one-time gift or a monthly gift. As a monthly partner, you help ensure Family Service can continue providing life-giving services. Your gift is extremely appreciated!