Radical Kindness | December 2022 Agency Update

There is no greater contribution to society than leaving a legacy of radical kindness and sacrificial love.

Some individuals have left an indelible mark on society because of their selflessness and desire to see others flourish. Some folks stood up for human rights, others laid down their lives for our freedoms. Whatever the cost, these heroes have collectively pushed the needle forward.

These moments captivate our hearts and draw us into something greater than ourselves. An act of love and kindness is still something we can agree on today!

Let’s use this next holiday season to step out of our comfort zone and live with ‘radical kindness.” I promise you will never regret performing an act of generosity towards others. Chances are you will be blessed as much as the recipient is.

And when you do, please share it with us. We are always encouraged by others doing good!

Stay safe,

Mark Butler