An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

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In August 2023, the Smiths enrolled in the Exchange Club Family Center program. At that time, the family had some serious struggles. Mom faced a tumultuous health battle which resulted in hospitalizations. Mom and dad were also consumed by the grip of alcohol. This was negatively affecting their own wellbeing as well as their twelve year old son. Nick, a bright soul with a fondness for order and routine, navigates the world with the unique perspective of someone on the autism spectrum.

Elena, one of our case managers, stepped in to provide a better plan forward, working with the family to find practical resources. Since joining, Mom celebrated three months of sobriety and both parents have attended AA meetings.

The family also is benefitting from their time in the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 offered through Family Service.  This program has helped the Smith family learn communication skills and create more cohesion within the home. Nick, despite his struggles socially, has bravely joined some extracurricular activities and plans on joining a little league team come spring. This is a huge step forward for him!

The Smith family is a testament to the power of relationships. Through the skillful work of Family Service’s social workers, this family has a game plan and structured support to see real, lasting change. The team’s perseverance is propelling them toward a future brimming with possibility and hope.

Mom said, “We are appreciative of Elena and the team at Family Service. We are working on the tough things and want to invest in our family’s well being.”

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