AAUW Donations to Family Service

Family Service of Chester County was chosen for the AAUW Gateway to Equity Award for 2022!

AAUW is a national organization dedicated to promoting equity for women and girls through education, economic security and advocacy.  The support for FSCC is through the Gateway to Equity Award of the  AAUW - West Chester - Chester County Branch.  The award is given annually to a local organization whose mission assists women and girls through its services.  Members generously donate needed items to the organization throughout the year and are also available to take on certain volunteer opportunities within the agency. 

This year, AAUW has donated a generous supply of the following items.

September - Baby supplies

October - Cleaning supplies

November - Linens

December - Gift cards / cash

January - Paper products

February - Person care items

March - Kitchen supplies

April TBA

May - School supplies

We are extremely grateful for the support from AAUW. Partnerships like this help our clients thrive! If you want to learn more about their work, go to https://wccc-pa.aauw.net/