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Our Supportive Housing Program provides case management and coordination of financial assistance to transition-aged youth (ages 18-24) who were in placement with Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) or the Juvenile Probation Office (JPO). These youth are referred to the program by Chester County’s Housing Action Team (HAT). Case managers provide intensive housing support services for youth, meeting on at least a weekly basis until nearing successful completion of the program.

Case managers formally assess the youth’s housing and financial needs, developing an individual service plan with quantifiable and concrete goals and expected time frames, developing a budget and financial assistance contract, and providing ongoing supportive services to ensure that youth can access, afford, and maintain appropriate housing and achieve financial stability.

This includes helping youth learn life skills in regards to finding housing and employment, managing their time and their health, and creating resumes to apply for jobs, all with the aim of the youth achieving independence by the end of the program.

Case managers also monitor rent and utility assistance provided to the youth, and ensure that their payments are made on time. Youth are expected to remain in the program for one year, though this can be extended as needed. 

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