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Our Counseling Program is a resource for all adults, children and families. We provide confidential counseling at five locations throughout Chester County to anyone in need of personal support and professional guidance.

We believe that certain problems in family dynamics, work relationships, financial health, and personal growth are inherent to life. Sometimes, we can manage the challenges. But sometimes, they can escalate and cause more serious problems to put our health and well being at risk.

If you are experiencing an overwhelming problem at home, work or school, we welcome you to Family Service. Our Master’s level counselors are experienced in providing:

  • individual adult counseling
  • marriage or couples counseling
  • divorce/separation counseling
  • family counseling
  • counseling for children
  • counseling for teens and young adults
  • bilingual/bicultural counseling

For almost seven decades in Chester County, we have helped families to grow and change, parents and children to bond, couples to communicate, working people to reach new goals, people with financial trouble to regain stability, teenagers to gain self-esteem, and older adults to manage new challenges.

If you would like to speak one-on-one to someone about counseling at Family Service, please call Family Service at 610-696-4900. We’ll discuss your situation and help you decide if counseling is right for you or your family.

Additional Counseling Services

We also offer specialized counseling tracks in some of our specialty areas. Click on the program titles to learn more:

  • Kids Come First: counseling for parents and children who are impacted by divorce or separation. Kids Come First helps parents to understand the roles and responsibilities of co-parenting in different households and teaches parents how to share a common focus on children’s well being and emotional health.
  • Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment: interactive group workshops for parents of 3 to 9 year old children. Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment helps parents to understand and meet their children’s emotional needs by teaching parents some of the same techniques that therapists use to help children express themselves and cope with problem

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