Why We Serve

When was the last time you were truly honest with another person? Maybe it was a moment of tragedy, death, or failure? We often lead with our strengths, but in reality we connect with people through our weaknesses. We idolize larger than life figures but we are reminded of their humanity through scandal or moments of weakness. Family Service understands real change comes through authentic human connection.

Yes, Family Service does many different things: counseling, medical case management, and specialized family enrichment programs; but that isn’t WHY we do it. Our committed team approaches each day with enthusiasm not because we are passionate about programs but rather relationships. No great change can come without great relationships. When people are in relationships and are provided opportunities, amazing things happen. We want to provide the fertile ground for change to happen. By leveraging our resources and utilizing our expertise, programs can help clients dream big and improve their lives.

Authentic relationships create life. Transparency allows vulnerability and honesty to come to the surface. When there is a spirit of trust and acceptance, people can speak freely. This is countercultural. We often feel ourselves conforming to the prevailing patterns of modern society rather than expressing our real feelings. Family Service works to be a safe place for openness and dialogue. Humans aren’t robots. We have emotional needs that when neglected can have devastating effects on a person’s well being and the community at large. When transparent relationships are nurtured in our agency, clients can utilize programs and resources in real and life changing ways.

Family Service has a rich history steeped in transformational programming and life-giving relationships since 1947. We are glad you are part of this legacy in Chester County. Our mission is going strong because of people like you. Thank you!