September 2021

This past year Family Service started asking the hard questions: why do we serve? This spurred a series of discussions abouts our big WHY.  Simon Sinek talks about the “Golden Circle” and how our WHY needs to be at the center of all our decisions. We believe it's crucial to know your purpose if you are trying to impact the lives of others. Over the past three years, Family Service has added new senior leadership, team members, and programs. With all this change and upheaval due to COVID, it was a perfect time to do some “soul searching”.

The staff and leaders combed through internal documents and hosted focus groups discussing who and what we are at Family Service. This process was extremely unifying and profitable as the team emerged with revamped vision and mission statements as well as core values. We strongly believe these new statements accurately reflect our work and what is truly important to Family Service. This was truly a team effort and is a testament to the staff’s desire to build upon the caring and compassionate culture at Family Service.

This also led to the creation of a new website which signifies our new updated look and digital footprint (new site will be released soon). Family Service seeks to live out our mission boldly. We can’t do it without your help. We are grateful for everyone who partners with us financially to help support this bold vision.

Stay safe,

Mark Butler,

MS Executive Director

The Exchange Club Family Center is the recipient of a $10,000 donation through the Edward Jones Foundation. This gift was made possible through the support of Jeff Kitchen of Edward Jones. We truly appreciate his dedication to our community over the years. Jeff Kitchen is Financial Advisor at Edward Jones. His office is located at 105 South High Street, West Chester, PA. To learn more about Jeff go to


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