Program Updates – March 2021

Counseling | A support group started with Good Samaritan helping Coatesville area single mothers who have reduced or lost employment due to Covid. We partnered with West Chester Area School District to provide Spanish language counseling to some of their students. We are working on creative ways to work with children who have been stuck in Zoom school sessions all day, including assembling toy kits for incorporating play into their online counseling sessions.

Exchange Club Family Center | ECFC is happy to announce that Melissa Urban is the newest full-time case manager. We continue to make home visits to the 37 families in our program and are excited to continue to grow and reach many more with the new addition of Melissa!

Supportive Housing Program | SHP currently has 19 clients (limit is 20). There are new monthly support group sessions for youth during COVID-19. Collaboration efforts with Project ONE have helped provide health services information to clients. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Project ONE | Women’s and COVID support groups are underway for clients to connect with one another. The team is working in the virtual environment. Carol is working to expand prevention efforts with the NHS.

Familias Unidas & Strengthening Families Program 10-14 | We are excited to announce our newest team member, Keri Brooks. Her expertise and dedication is making an impact as we move forward with our third session of the virtual program. Familias Unidas continues to be a success, offering support to our Spanish-speaking families throughout Chester County. The “beauty” of the Zoom platform is that we have been able to reach families from all corners of the county and bring them together to create their own cohesive and mutually supportive community!

Zoom Volunteer Driver | Although transportation was suspended at the onset of the pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccine brings hope for the resumption of Zoom in the new year. We are working with our community partners to ensure safety protocols and procedures are in place as well as equipping volunteer drivers with PPE. We are very much looking forward to getting back into the community to continue our important work!