One Mission | One Family | October Agency Update

Family Service continues to work hard to serve our clients with useful, engaging, and transformative experiences. This summer we partnered with Kennett Consolidated School District to provide bilingual counseling services to students and families. Our Exchange Club Family Center recently hired two additional case managers to support families. We also welcomed four new interns this fall. If you are not on our email list, please sign up for more frequent update and stories. To stay connected go to our newly designed website -

Despite the unknowns of the pandemic, we forge forward together, united as one. In an intensely divided world, Family Service seeks to be a respite and a model of compassion, diversity, and collaboration. We seek to fulfill the higher calling of serving one another in love. Real change is only possible when we are authentic in our actions and our message. As Benjamin Franklin once said “Well done is better than well said.” Thank you for your continued support of Family Service!

Stay safe,

Mark Butler, MS

Executive Director

Family Service was proud to accept a grant from the Rotary Club of West Chester to help cover costs associated with our counseling program. It was an honor to be part of this year's grantee lunch.

To learn more about the amazing work of the Rotary Club, go to

We wanted to honor Mark by selecting him to be Employee of the Month for October. He would never accept the honor so we chose him secretly! The staff truly appreciates his hard work, caring attitude, and amazing ability to lead by example. Thank you Mark for who you are and what you do!