May 2023 Email Update

Family Service helps give clients their lives back.

What does this mean?

When you are living with crippling anxiety and are unable to provide for your family, life can feel stagnant and hopeless. Our therapists help people work through these issues and start living again.

When a single mother is so tired and unsure how she will pay rent at the end of the month,"stress" is an understatement. The social workers with ECFC help provide resources and support to families in tough situations.

When parents are feeling defeated over their children’s behavior and lack of communication, every interaction is more and more difficult. Our prevention department and their facilitators help families reconnect and create healthier interactions.

This is just a handful of practical ways our team is helping people across Chester County. We offer counseling, medical case management, supportive housing, and family strengthening programs. We want to empower individuals and strengthen communities by providing compassionate, high-quality services that address the root causes of social and economic inequality.

With your support, we are all doing our part in helping individuals and families having a better today and tomorrow. Thank you for being a part of the Family Service legacy!

We are happy to announce our 2023 Pinwheels for Prevention campaign raised more than $5,500! These funds will go directlyto supporting child abuse prevention efforts in Chester County.

Thank you to all the organizations and businesses who made this possible!

Family Service played in the United Way of Chester County golf outing on April 24th. We had a blast representing the agency and supporting their efforts!


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