A Provider of Choice + Strategic Plan | June Email Update

We believe disruption is a good thing.

When the automobile was invented, it changed transportation forever.  

When the internet was popularized, the commerce has never been the same.

Innovation is necessary for growth.

Here at Family Service, we want to be innovative in how we attack some of the area's most vexing problems. Thinking inside the box will never achieve the results we want.

Creating the most effective and innovative human services agency possible starts from within. Our three year strategic plan is focused on developing our people, our structures, and ensuring financial sustainability. These goals are critical in helping us move the needle in helping to change more lives.  

Check out the plan below. If you want to get involved and help make Chester County a better plan, please reach out.

Thank you for being a part of the Family Service legacy!

Stay safe,

Mark Butler, MS

Executive Director

Family Service of Chester County is hoping a new strategic plan unveiled this month will help it better serve the individuals and families in Chester County in need of its counseling and support services.

To read the plan, go to www.familyservice.us/strategicplan

Family Service hosted an all staff gathering in May. This relaxed gathering was a special opportunity for staff and board to spend time together and enjoy a beautifulday.