Are You Afraid of Rest? | July 2022 Agency Update

We sleep around one third of our lives. Biologically, we need sleep. But often in this ambitious, results focused culture, rest is seen as a weakness.

“I can sleep when I am dead.” & “Don’t stop grinding.”

While these mottos can help motivate some, it fosters an unsustainable pace. This attitude is detrimental to your physical and mental health. Hard work is essential to changing our community but we must also learn to rest!

The summer is a yearly reminder that rest is not just okay, but should be celebrated. Taking time each day, each week, and each season to step back, and refresh yourself, allows you to avoid burnout and keep the fire going inside your soul. Family Service works hard to practice what we preach to our team members, clients, and community. We strive to utilize our working hours efficiently and effectively, while also understanding rest is crucial to sustaining our mission.

Work hard. Rest hard. Life is short. Don’t forget to enjoy the days

Kristen Craft and Burt Rothenberger stepped down from the Board of Directors after years of dedicated service! Their commitment to the agency and the welfare of Chester County is inspiring!