January 2022 Update Email

However you view the new year, there is an underlying optimism built into our thinking. New year, new me, resolutions to break bad habits, and start doing things differently. Hope for things to be better. We often fail to grasp the importance of positive expectations. While reality can often leave us disappointed and frustrated, deep down, we keep going knowing things can get better.Family Service hopes to be a physical representation of this idea. Our team strives to help clients realize BETTER days are possible. We walk alongside folks who might not be able to see hope in their current situation. With our committed team and available resources, positive change is possible.

Last year, we served over 1,300 clients. Our team members reported incredible stories of real life change, growth, and clients overcoming challenges they never imagined conquering! So for 2022, let's be ever HOPEFUL and embody a spirit of optimism in every conversation and interaction!  

Stay safe,

Mark Butler, MS, Executive Director

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