Into the Storm | November Email Update

If we are being honest, we don’t want to deal with conflict. It's easier to turn a blind eye or pass the buck to someone else. Who would actually want to deal with their problems?

Buffaloes are different. Buffaloes are one of the few animals that will turn and charge directly into an oncoming storm. And these storms they face are serious - snow, ice, brutal temperatures, and blizzard winds.

By facing the approaching storm headfirst, buffaloes will minimize the amount of time and pain they experience from that storm.

Successful people have this same attitude in life. Storms are inevitable. Bad things happens. It is called life. Your response to tough times is what makes the difference.  you back down from problems? Or do you tackle them head on?

At Family Service, we support folks who are going through some pretty tough times. We do our best to face our problems head on. We want to support our clients in the best ways possible and this means supporting them regardless of their situation. We don't let our life circumstances define us. Let’s use this as an encouragement to help remind us that we are fully capable of anything life throws at us. Sometimes a little support is all you need.