Family Matters

Childhood is a time where imagination and curiosity should be guiding principles. For far too many children in our community, trauma and fear override those. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Family Service is raising funds and awareness for our child abuse prevention program (Exchange Club Family Center). This campaign’s goal is to support our work in the development of healthier family relationships to improve outcomes for children. We also want to leverage the support into transformational action and real community change. We can all do our part in helping children have a future.

Another way Family Service is helping children is through the Strengthening Families Program 10-14. SFP10-14 is working to create STRONGER families. This evidence based program works to teach families better communication skills which helps create positive outcomes in all situations. Below you can read a recent families experience in the program.

Thanks for your continued support of Family Service. Our team works hard to help clients in all areas of life. Our Director of Development wrote a blog post about his first year at Family Service. Check it out below. We are excited with all the incredible things happening at Family Service and with more to share in the near future!

Mark Butler, MS

Executive Director