Creating Community | August 2022 Email Update

Community is a group with a common bond. It could be geographic. It could be ideological. It could be a mix of many different ideas. Have you ever traveled halfway around the world and randomly met someone from your area? It’s crazy how fast you can connect with that person on just that one fact alone.

In Jim Collins' book, “Good to Great” he talks about getting the right people on the bus. This analogy doesn’t imply everyone is the same but rather willing to set aside differences for a greater good. We often assume it’s better to agree with everyone rather than learning to see the beauty in each other’s differences. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all mostly want the same things. We often just disagree on how to get there. In local communities, we want safe streets, good schools, thriving small businesses, and our justice from our government officials. Some folks might want less regulation, other folks might want more social programs, regardless; each person wants a vibrant, healthy community.

Family Service works hard to create a community of healthy, dedicated people who realize no one is perfect and that we all have a role to play. When we start to value each other for who they are and not what they do, real change is possible.

Let’s continue to build one another up and help create a better community for everyone.

Stay safe,

Mark Butler, MS

 Donors, external stakeholders, and Board members (current or former)

The Board of Directors of Family Service of Chester County (FSCC) is currently developing a new strategic plan which will guide our organization in continuing to provide outstanding services to our clients over the next five years.  Part of the planning process is to survey members of the FSCC community for their feedback and input regarding our services.  As a supporter of FSCC, your insight and feedback into the operation of our organization is very important.  We are asking that you take a few minutes  to respond to the survey by clicking on the link below.    Survey responses are due by August 15.  Thank  you very much for your participation and for your long-term support of FSCC.

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