3 Questions with Lauren Baker, MSW, LSW

Lauren Baker, MSW, LSW - Kennett High School 

What drew you to the position?
“I always had a desire to work with youth. Growing up going to public schools in the Coatesville School District, I witnessed many of my peers affected by hardship, generational trauma, intergenerational poverty, and the school district did not have adequate resources to aid the students in navigating these challenges or have a safe space to process the added stressors.”

How has your school’s community supported you in providing services to students? “The KHS team has been helpful in partnering and sharing resources to support students. We are all here to support students.”

One piece of advice you would give to Latinx kids struggling with mental health:
“It’s okay to say you are not okay, and talk about your feelings. Vulnerability and talking to someone about any challenges you are facing is a sign of strength.”