3 questions with Dana Greenlaw

What drew you to the position?
“I was always drawn to serving others. Originally planning to go into Community Psychology, a professor guided me towards pursuing Social Work. I changed course, and fell in love with direct clinical roles in each of my career pursuits. Since then, I am committed to practicing psychotherapy with children and adolescents.”

How has your school’s community supported you in providing services to students?
“As Bancroft Elementary’s Mental Health Specialist, I felt that the Bancroft community has been incredibly welcoming and supportive towards myself, helping me further develop the MHS role along the way. I started getting to know children through social-emotional groups led by Mrs. MacDonald, the school counselor. Many of the students participating in these groups are being referred to me now, which is nice since they get to see a familiar face for therapeutic sessions. As my caseload blossoms, I will continue to work with more and more students going through difficult times.”

One piece of advice you would give to Latino kids struggling with mental health:
“Mental health in the Latino community is so important, but not really talked about at most homes. Just like we routinely schedule appointments and check ups with our physicians, it’s just as vital to make time to take care of your mental health too.”