3 Questions with Aide

What drew you to the position?
“Prior to enrolling in college, I knew I wanted to establish a career in social work. After being mentored, a professor encouraged me to get a masters in order to be able to serve more communities. I fell in love with working with children at my internship placements; and, Kennett Square is like a home to me since she grew up in Avondale and Westgrove. This is what drew me to my current role as Mental Health Specialist in New Garden Elementary.”

How has your school’s community supported you in providing services to students? 
“At first, I felt out of place at my school. For someone to be Hispanic and to get an education, it’s very rare to see professionals that share your identity. I am one of the few bilingual and Hispanic staff members in New Garden Elementary. Like many of our therapists, it was slow to start up my caseload. However, as the weeks progress, more children are being referred to our services. Now I am feeling like a real part of the KSCD community and am excited to be working with more youth! “

One piece of advice you would give to Latinx kids struggling with mental health:
“It can be difficult talking to Hispanic parents about mental health struggles as a young first- or second- generation immigrant child. However, parents are supposed to take care of their children and are the main advocates for their wellbeing. Even though it’s hard, talk to your parents.”