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Our History

On April 1st, 2016 our previously operated Retired Senior Volunteer Program officially became Volunteer Chester County.

Volunteer Chester County continues to bring the same volunteer placement expertise to support area nonprofits, schools and similar partners, as well as expanding and improving our program to better serve the community.

The mission of Volunteer Chester County is to match the skills, interests and experience of our volunteers to the needs of our local non-profit agencies, programs, schools, hospitals and cultural institutions.  Volunteer Chester County will continue to carefully match the skills and interests of potential volunteers and offer our community partners a simplified way of working together.

Volunteer Chester County allows us to be a more autonomous, flexible program able to better respond to the unique needs of our partner agencies and the volunteers who serve them, and  to allow for opportunities for volunteers of all ages to participate in this rewarding exchange.

As we say goodbye to the formerly operated RSVP program, we offer our sincere thanks for your unwavering support and feel grateful for the vital assistance our volunteers provide to partner agencies throughout Chester County.


About Us

If you are an adult looking for volunteer opportunities, you are invited to join VCC—the only program of its kind, engaging caring and committed community volunteers in ways that provide critical assistance to nonprofits when and how they need it most. We connect adults to organizations and opportunities where you can apply your life experiences, skills and interests to meet community needs and improve community life.

Through a personal matching process, we bring volunteers together with an ever-expanding group of Chester County nonprofits, schools, libraries, hospitals, arts and culture organizations, and more.

Where to Volunteer

VCC has volunteer opportunities in all areas of Chester County. You can serve in your immediate town or neighborhood, or branch out beyond your day-to-day surroundings.

You can volunteer as frequently as once a week or month, or sign up be on-call for special projects. See how volunteers are serving today: Volunteer Activities

Who Should Volunteer?

Anyone. There are no requirements to becoming a VCC volunteer. You may be a current volunteer looking for a new and more challenging position… a recent retiree seeking to develop new interests… or a student looking to socialize and connect with others.

Volunteer Protection

We provide all active VCC members with  supplementary accident and liability insurance during volunteer activities. If you become injured while providing a volunteer service or traveling en route or from your volunteer station, our insurance will provide up to $25,000 in medical insurance and $1,000,000 in personal liability insurance.

Ready, Set… Go!

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