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Do you have experience in (a) raising children or (b) supporting children and families in difficult circumstances? Please consider becoming a Volunteer Parent Aide for the Exchange Club Family Center (ECFC).

A Volunteer Parent Aide (VPA) is a mentor or special support aide for parents of young children (infant to age 12) who need assistance in developing safe and healthy homes.

With training and oversight from the Exchange Club Family Center, VPAs are matched one-on-one with a family in Chester County. VPAs:

  • Visit their mentor family at home (or conduct phone calls)
  • Observe parent-child interactions
  • Teach parents how to discipline and nurture their child(ren)
  • Teach parents home management skills
  • Help parents to set goals to improve home safety and health
  • Help parents to identify and access local community services and resources
  • Support and encourage parents and children while they seek to make personal changes

The length of commitment for becoming a VPA is 12 months. The commitment includes receiving Volunteer Parent Aide training, making regular home visits or phone calls to families as agreed upon with each family, and receiving oversight from the Exchange Club Family Center.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer Parent Aide

While requiring just a few hours of your week or month for one year, becoming a Volunteer Parent Aide allows people who love children and value healthy families to invest deeply in the life of a local family at a critical time when the family’s personal or financial circumstances could lead to child abuse or neglect.

Benefits to Families

Families thrive with support from Volunteer Parent Aides because of VPAs’ ability to provide personal, one-on-one support, advice and encouragement.

Families who enter the Exchange Club Family Center program often enter with sad and difficult histories, overwhelming personal challenges, and a mountain of circumstantial problems that make their homes unsafe and put their children at risk for abuse or neglect.