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ECFC is an intensive, long term family intervention program designed to reduce the risk of child abuse. Social workers work directly with low income, at-risk families in a voluntary program, which allows them to address tangible, short term needs (food, clothing, shelter) and help create an integrative action plan for long term family goals (higher education, better employment, better housing, parental skills, etc). Additionally, there are Volunteer Parent Aides (VPA’s) who are trained, professionally supervised individuals who provide mentoring support, information, and who model effective parenting — all in the home of the family. This structured system of accountability will reduce child abuse, decrease cases reported to Chester County’s Children Youth and Families, and ultimately keep more families connected, united, and stronger.

Program OutcomesNo child abuse or neglect, prevent families from CPS intervention, eliminate food insecurity for enrolled families, parents are utilizing age appropriate discipline techniques, and families have safe and secure housing

Long term Impact – increased employment, career advancement, less reliance on public assistance, and increase in parental involvement in educational matters. 

Note: This is a free program 

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