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Is your family in the middle of divorce or separation? Or, is your divorce final—but your family continues to struggle with anger, sadness, new living arrangements, custody changes, or communication problems?

Kids Come First is a counseling track for parents who are striving to ‘co-parent’ or share parenting responsibilities after marriage has dissolved. Our goal is to help parents manage the impact of divorce/separation on children and seek children’s best interests despite difficult circumstances.

As a parent in Kids Come First, you will learn to:

  • understand how divorce/separation affects children
  • develop a shared commitment to meeting your child(ren)’s needs
  • improve your communication as parents
  • break down “bad habits” or patterns of behavior that negatively impact your child(ren)
  • help your child(ren) feel comfortable in new living situations and custody arrangements
  • …and much more

To speak to a counselor about Kids Come First or to set an appointment, contact Family Service at 610-696-4900.

Children in the Middle

Kids Come First continues the lessons learned in Children in the Middle, the seminar led by Family Service at the Chester County Family Court. Kids Come First is open to Children in the Middle participants and to any family in Chester County who is experiencing divorce/separation.