Family MATTERS!!

//Family MATTERS!!

Family MATTERS!!

We received this from a recent program participant. Each cohort is a special opportunity to help create deeper familial bonds. If you are interested in the program, click here to learn more.

The virtual Strengthening Families course was very helpful in assisting our family to identify our “hotspots” and gave us the knowledge and tools on how we can change those areas into a more positive outcome.  Using various techniques, the staff showed us many problem solving techniques and actual conversations to use when speaking with our kids so that the situation doesn’t get heated.  

This was done on a weekly basis and was very organized and detailed.  It helped to have 3 different sessions within the class.  First, the kids were online with other kids, and without the parents nearby, they were able to discuss issues in their families and how to interact respectfully with parents but also how to get out of a bad situation when they are with their peers, which was an added bonus.

Next we had our session with other parents and learned through videos, role playing, narratives and brainstorming, how to invoke a positive outcome to frequent points of contention.

Then parents and kids came together and discussed what we all learned which was done by role playing, discussion, playing games and taking part in crafts that allowed us to talk about the positive aspects of each of our personalities.

The most helpful aspect for us has been the scripts on how to respond to our kids during an outburst and the weekly family meeting we now have with our family, which the staff taught us, step by step.

It was time well spent and a program even for the best of families because everyone will learn something from this experience.  

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