Why Family Service is AWESOME!

//Why Family Service is AWESOME!

Why Family Service is AWESOME!

In March 2020 I joined Family Service of Chester County as the Director of Development. My role is focused on fundraising, marketing, and help foster relationships to keep the mission moving forward.

The first few interactions I had with fellow team members had the same theme, “once people come to Family Service, they don’t leave!” Looking back at those conversations, I can understand and appreciate the sentiments. 

FSCC mission is to promote the well being of individuals and families and advocate for change. The mission is ultimately about supporting people at an individual level and helping them thrive personally and together as part of their family and community. In order to do this kind of work, you have to be authentic. FSCC as an agency lives out this message in real time to its clients, staff, and partners. From the second I walked in the doors, I have felt respected, valued, and empowered to do the work I am passionate about. From the top down, Family Service has been true to its values and has made me feel part of the “the family”. March 2020 was a challenging time to start a new job. Despite all the hurdles and upheavals, our senior staff were incredibly poised, driven, and accommodating. 

I am genuinely grateful for everyone at Family Service of Chester County and look forward to helping grow the mission!

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About the Author:

I am Tyler Changaris, Director of Development for Family Service of Chester County. I have the honor of sharing with you all the ways FSCC is impacting our community and clients!