Impact Story – Amber

//Impact Story – Amber

Impact Story – Amber

Amber, a 27 year old mother of three, has been through more than you could probably imagine. Amber moved to Chester County from Philadelphia due to a house fire in 2019. She was hoping 2020 would be a fresh start for the family with her new job, apartment, and environment. But life can hit hard. She lost her job and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. Amber was struggling just to put food on the table and pay the rent. Then the unthinkable happens.

The family’s new apartment complex burned down. Can you imagine the trauma they must be experiencing? With the schools closed, virtual learning has been a herculean task for Amber. Her children struggle with learning disabilities. The children lack quiet space to learn and the added support through the school district.

The Exchange Club Family Center (ECFC) is doing everything possible to help the family in this time of tragedy. ECFC provides tangible goods and emotional support. Our trained social workers are a vital lifeline to Amber and her family. Your monthly support of $25 a month can help families just like Amber. You can help give a family hope.