3 Trends | Counseling

//3 Trends | Counseling

3 Trends | Counseling

Written by Emilee Duckworth, MSW, LCSW

The counseling department began seeing clients remotely in March when the pandemic forced everyone to shelter in place and maintain social distancing. With the majority of sessions being video calls via Zoom, we have been pleasantly surprised to find that we are able to connect with our clients and have a high level of success with them through this medium. While we miss seeing them in person, remote sessions have introduced some unexpected benefits and challenges:

  1. One benefit is that we are able to see our clients in their home environment, which helps to understand and know them in a different way. 
  2. Another benefit is the increased flexibility in scheduling with them and reduced problems with transportation to and from our offices. Some counselors have also been able to include family members in a client’s session in a more relaxed and convenient way.
  3. One challenge to Zoom calls has been to engage and work with our youngest clients. While it isn’t impossible, we sometimes feel like we are channeling our inner Fred Rogers or Barney the Dinosaur to keep our little clients’ attention through the small screen.