A Client Story – Nikki

//A Client Story – Nikki

A Client Story – Nikki

Nikki, a college educated, 30 year old mother of two living in Pottstown. Last year she lost her husband of 10 years to cancer. She has two kids, a 9 year old son has autism and a 2 year old daughter.  Her only support system is her parents but they are limited due to their age,  her father’s disability, and her mother’s overnight shift work.

Nikki has epilepsy and her seizures returned after her husband died. She can’t legally drive as a result.  On top of that, she was diagnosed with liver cancer.  COVID-19 and her seizures have delayed cancer treatments.

Despite all of Nikki’s trials, she is an optimistic, caring young woman who remains hopeful. ECFC helped supply Christmas presents for the kids and rent assistance. ECFC has also helped connect her to other community resources to help her with practical needs such as diapers and medical assistance. Nikki trusts ECFC for moral support when she is feeling overwhelmed. Our dedicated team members have built trust with Nikki and are there to support her in all seasons of her life.