Supportive Housing Program

//Supportive Housing Program

Supportive Housing Program

In March 2015, Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child released a study saying, “Every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult.”

In February, a client (Lets call her Sara) was referred to our program because she was aging out of the CYF (Children, Youth and Family) system which goes to the age of 21. The supportive independent living program (SIL) she was enrolled in ended with the CYF system. The housing action team (HAT) accepted the referral and we had a deadline of February 29, 2020 to find her housing. Sara always relied on the CYF system to provide housing and pay bills. The HAT team helped transition her to “the real world” with support through a steady relationship, teaching her life skills (how to apply for a job, what to wear to a job interview, how to pay bills, etc.). 

One way the HAT team practically helped Sara was teach her the basics of credit which is necessary for renting an apartment, getting a loan, etc. The team helped walk her through the steps to locate housing, read through lease agreements, and helped her transfer her employment closer to her living arrangements. With the guidance and support of Family Service team, housing was secured, employment was continued, and Sara successfully moved into her new apartment on Feb 28, 2020. This collaborative effort is helping to reach some of Chester County’s most vulnerable youth in an important time.