Familias Unidas – COVID-19 Update

//Familias Unidas – COVID-19 Update

Familias Unidas – COVID-19 Update

Anthony Zayas – Familias Unidas Program Director

COVID-19 Update

In an effort to continue to support both our Kennett and West Chester families, our Familias Unidas team stays in constant contact via ZOOM and by phone. While we all were accustomed to meeting with our Kennett families in person every week, when COVID-19 changed the rules, we adapted quickly to maintain the relationships our facilitators had established with their families. We immediately called families to offer support and resources, and soon continued our sessions via ZOOM where caregivers and their youth continue to acquire the tools the program provides. We have had great feedback from our families, who appreciate seeing one another and the Familias Unidas team once again every week!

COVID-19 has postponed the start of our sessions in West Chester, but it has not slowed down our team’s support of the families who are registered. Facilitators are reaching out to families via phone on a daily to weekly basis, depending on need. They offer not only a compassionate, objective listening ear, but also have connected families with valuable community resources, including food, personal necessities, and rent subsidies. Although it’s been challenging adapting to this “new normal”, the Familias Unidas team will strive to continue supporting all participating families in need while still following Governor Wolfe’s state guidelines.