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A Family Service Article Series on Societal Issues Through the Lens of Health and Human Services 

We’ve started a new series of articles brought to you by our Program Directors at Family Service.  The goal of “From the Desk Of…” is to provide helpful information from professional social workers relevant to current events, societal issues, and family health.  The first in our series is brought to you by our Counseling Program Director, Meg Pope, LCSW.

The topic of suicide can feel like a difficult one to approach. Meg offers some insight,

“Suicide gets a lot of attention when the media covers celebrity deaths, but then most people stop thinking about it until the next headline comes. What news reports usually miss is that for every suicide attempt there are at least 7 to 8 people who have seriously considered suicide but didn’t follow through. Often, it’s the support of a caring friend or family member that made the difference.”

–Meg Pope

Help is available:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
National Institute of Mental Health Suicide Information

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About the Author:

I am Tyler Changaris, Director of Development for Family Service of Chester County. I have the honor of sharing with you all the ways FSCC is impacting our community and clients!

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