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The Books for Kids of Divorce Program has found a new home, and is no longer a program offered by Family Service.

If you are looking for free books for kids of divorce, please order them here.

We at Family Service are keenly aware that divorce can be painful and confusing for kids. If your family (or a family you know) is experiencing a divorce, we encourage you to talk early and often to your kids.

If you are interested in seeking additional help for this challenging time for your family, here a few services we offer:

  • Kids Come First: counseling for parents and children who are impacted by divorce or separation. Kids Come First helps parents to understand the roles and responsibilities of co-parenting in different households and teaches parents how to share a common focus on children’s well being and emotional health.
  • Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment: interactive group workshops for parents of 3 to 9 year old children. Child-Parent Relationship Enrichment helps parents to understand and meet their children’s emotional needs by teaching parents some of the same techniques that therapists use to help children express themselves and cope with problems.